May Preview #3 and Delay Explanation

Yandere Simulator Development Blog

I’ve found myself in an interesting situation that doesn’t normally occur. This situation is causing a delay in the next build, so I’m going to explain what’s happening.

The next elimination method involves a set of steps. I’m going to be super-vague about these steps so that I don’t “spoil” the surprise. The player must…

  1. Perform a task for a certain student.
  2. Have an important conversation with someone.
  3. Perform a task for a different student.
  4. Perform a kidnapping.
  5. Utilize a new gameplay mechanic in your basement.
  6. Have a text message conversation with someone.
  7. Watch an interactive cut-scene where the player is presented with an important choice.

6 of those 7 steps have already been implemented; a new character, two new tasks, and two conversations are already in the build. The only thing that remains is the interactive cut-scene.

This cut-scene is relatively simple in nature; it doesn’t involve much action…

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