May Preview #15


Yandere Simulator Development Blog

The build meant for May 15th has been postponed until June 1st. I promised that I would post previews of cool upcoming content for every day that the build was delayed, so here’s the 15th preview:

Do you know what a “butsudan” is? It’s a small shrine that some people use in order to worship a deity inside of their homes. I think it makes a lot of sense that Yandere-chan would have a butsudan dedicated to Senpai within her home. The shrine that is currently inside of Yandere-chan’s house looks like a miniature model of a shinto temple, rather than resembling an actual shrine that might be found in a real Japanese house. I’d like to eventually replace the Senpai shrine with a butsudan:

The image featured above is merely a mock-up of what the final game’s butsudan might look like. The final butsudan will look better than what…

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