May Preview #16


Yandere Simulator Development Blog

The build meant for May 15th has been postponed until June 1st. I promised that I would post previews of cool upcoming content for every day that the build was delayed. I’ve been doing that for over 2 weeks now! I’m almost done, but I still have today and tomorrow until we hit June 1st, so here’s the second-to-last preview…

This preview involves the school’s faculty room. You see, the faculty room will play a role in several different aspects of the game:

  1. Teachers will pick up dangerous objects and bring them to the faculty room, so if you drop a knife with your fingerprints on it, you’ll have to steal it from the faculty room in order to dispose of the evidence you’re leaving behind.
  2. Teachers’ schedules will partially consist of walking between classrooms and the Faculty Room, so knowing the location of the faculty room will provide you…

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